12 May 2012

It's a new dawn, it's a new day;

Wishful Wanderings;
I've been thinking quite a lot lately about how I view the content of my blog, and how I want my blog to actually be. I've also noticed how i've been feeling more and more fed up with my blog, and it's always usually over the same thing; content. Sometimes I feel that there is nothing about my blog that is particularly different, or makes it stand out, especially as blogging is now such a massive phenomena. I do love outfit posts, they're really fun to do, and I love seeing others outfits! But I really want my blog to be a bit more personal maybe, in terms of my interests.
  After University, I really want to have a career on the lines of magazine editorial or writing, and there's one magazine that I always look forward to buying at the end of each month. I really, really love home interiors magazines, and am really interested in interior designs, with the changes in styles through the seasons. And so, I think i'm going to maybe involve this interest more in my blog, starting with my favourite designs, or products, of the month! I hope you will all finding it interesting to read, I've never really written about home interiors, or decorative accessories etc, but it's something that I really take an interest in, so i'm going to give it a go. 
Also, a couple of posts ago, I mentioned an Internship I have coming up in July. It's with my favourite magazine, Homes & Antiques! I'm so unbelievably excited, it's a dream come true for me! So this ties in pretty nicely with what I have planned for the future of this blog! I'll still be having all of my usual posting too! 
What do you think about my suggestion? I really hope you're interested in my upcoming plans! And let me know if you have anything particular you'd like to see!
Love, Charlestown xoxo.
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