15 June 2012

What Charlestown Did;

Dress: Uni Qlo ~ Bag: Urban Outfitters ~ Loafers: Russell & Bromley ~ Windswept Hair: c/o me
Visited Coverack;
Hello! Oops, so that's been a bit of an unexpected absence on my part! My family came to stay in Cornwall for a week, so I didn't have any time to blog, and the cottage did not have any internet connection either. I went back home with them for a couple of days, which was lovely little break after University exams. But now, after the atrocious weather of this past week, I can say i'm back to my little piece of the internet. I now only have a couple of weeks left in Cornwall until I leave to go home for my summer holidays, so I'm planning to fit in as much exploring as I can! Me and Alessio planned to have a picnic in the car, hoping to be watching torrential rain and waves near the cliffs edge. However, it didn't turn out like that, as the sun decided to turn up after however many countless days of rain, and I was left feeling a bit silly in my wooly coat and scarf! Coverack was a really pretty little town, there wasn't a lot there, but that made it so much better. We had the most delicious ice-creams, I with my Clotted Cream Fudge and Ale with Blackcurrant Cheesecake, and we strolled around the little town, admiring the pretty cottages and colourful boats. 
  After a lot of panicking these last couple of weeks, and questioning whether i'm actually good enough to be on my course, I received my results today, and I've finished second year with a 2:1! Not only do I feel so relieved, but I also feel so much more confident, and after getting out lots of library books, I'm ready to get stuck into my dissertation. 
So right now, to celebrate my results, me and Alessio are off for a burger in town. We're currently on the search for the best burger in Cornwall, which we hope to have found by the end of our third year at Uni, we'll let you know how that goes, ha!
I also just want to say a quick thank you to Livvy, of tea.toast.fashion., for guest-posting last week, she has a truly lovely blog, and a seriously enviable style! I would really recommend taking a peek at her blog!
Love, Charlestown xoxo
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