4 Ways To Choose Wireless Running Earbuds Online

Nowadays, as the fast pace of technology development, the use of headphones for entertainment has become more popular because of its ability to bring privacy to the users without affecting other people. Wearing the earbuds while running or playing sport in general becomes more common due to the undeniable benefits of music on exercising such as providing inspiration and motivation to the users. With just a tiny music player, smartphone or tablet, and a pair of earbuds, music can accompany you with every steps you take, from a gym to the crowed street.

Online shopping becomes more common and gradually replace to traditional shopping method. With various websites providing detailed information of a product and just by some clicks, this product will be delivered directly to your home. However, the reliability of online shopping is still the confusion for many buyers. In this article, I will show you four ways to choose the best wireless earbuds for running.

#1. By Types Of Wireless Earbuds:

Although wired headphones still dominate the market, ranging from high-end brands such as Sony, Creative, Sennheiser, Philips … to cheap goods originating in China, wireless earbuds are recommended for playing sport, especially running. Thanks to the flexibility of the wireless running earbuds, users can avoid entanglement which is common issue of wired headphones. Moreover, in-ear earbuds with small, light-weighted design are also better choice than traditional headphones in ensuring proper move when running.

Wireless headphones often use radio waves, or Bluetooth to transmit signals with the function of listening to FM and connecting to your phone to accept a call by control remote.

In order to ensure the stable position of the earmuffs, many producers have introduced the earbuds with loops or neckband earbuds.

Earbuds with ear loops

Earbuds with ear loops: ear pads are secured in the ear canals while at the same time they can fix the location of the ear pads to different ear shapes.


  • Pro: Earmuffs position is kept fixed;
  • Pro: Natural sound;
  • Pro: Comfortable feeling;
  • Pro: Good at sound isolation;
  • Con: Hard to fit too all users.


  • Neckband earbuds: secure the ear pads by the cord stay behind your neck. You will feel both safe and comfortable when moving your neck.
  • Pro: Head position is firmly fixed;
  • Pro: Ensure better sound quality;
  • Cons: One size fits all.

Neckband earbuds

Therefore, the first step when choosing the pair of running earbuds online is to search and determine which types of earbuds that suit your preference and using purpose.

#2. By Technical Details:

To choose a good pair of running earbuds, you need to pay attention to their basic features such as sound isolation, impedance, frequency, battery life for Bluetooth earbuds etc. All those technical details are shown on websites of producers or on online shopping websites. By analyzing the technical information, you can find what will be the best wireless earbuds for running.

  • Frequency range: A wide frequency range means you can hear bigger sound with different types of music. The recommended range is between 10Hz and 25.000Hz. However, the range that most people hear is around 20Hz – 20,000Hz. Any sound within that range can be heard easily.
  • Waterproof or not: You should invest in waterproof earbuds to increase durability of the earbuds by avoid being ruined by rain drop or sweat.
  • Battery life: As for Bluetooth earbuds, minimum listening time should be 6 hours and operating time for those who are less talkative is a week (7 days) without having to charge. Charging time must be around 2-4 hours.
  • Sound curve: If the low end is higher on the line graph, there will be more bass. They would be better in playing fast and strong tempo songs such as pop, rock, EDM…
  • Noise-cancelling: If you prefer to run outside, you should lay on open-back earbuds so you can keep an eye to the surrounding. If you prefer to practice in the gym, closed-back earbuds will be more suitable at sound isolation.

#3. By Price:

There are a variety of wireless earbuds for sportsperson on the market right now with different prices. Different shopping websites may have different price even. However, remember that price always come hand in hand with the quality so the cheap earbuds come from unknown brands, even without obvious origin are not the smart choice.

We recommend you to invest in a branded earbuds. In fact, the investment is not high because cheap earbuds are often broken after short period of using time with low sound quality. The earbuds from well-known brands with higher price are often crafted sophisticatedly and have better sound quality as well as durability with warranty is from 6 to 12 months.

Therefore, if you frequent use earbuds when running but don’t have time to test at the store, don’t hesitate to invest to well-known brands from reliable websites to ensure the quality and durability.

#4. By Reviews:

The special tip for anyone who are finding the wireless earbuds for running is to check reviews carefully before you buy. If you check reviews on Amazon and Ebay frequently, you will find that those reviews come from the users with their own experience when using this product so even if the review is just for recommend, you should still pay attention to the reliability of each products. You should focus on the list of wireless earbuds with average of 4 stars or over, with at least 50 comments from users. Later on, narrow down to about 5 products to analyze more about features and price before decide which wireless earbuds are most suitable for running.

Besides, when buying the wireless earbuds for running, you should not take any factors on the list below for granted:

  • Check the warranty: should be at least 6 months. Also check the warranty rules;
  • Check the shipping price: whether it’s free shipping or not;
  • Check the discount: if the earbuds are under discount, you should spent time on reading reviews and technical features carefully;
  • Check the additional items of the earbuds like additional earmuffs, additional wire if possible;
  • Make sure that the Bluetooth earbuds are capable of connect to you phone.

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