Frequently Asked Questions about Music Therapy Frequently Asked Questions about Music Therapy

Nowadays, music is not only considered as an art or a means of entertainment but also a clinical treatment is known as music therapy. Music therapy is a newly discovered field of study that requires much assistance from other sources of knowledge such as psychology, music, and philosophy. That’s the reason why not many people know exactly what music therapy is. They often believe that turning on some songs is called using music therapy, but the truth is not that simple. A person has to be recognized as a music therapist before getting access to the world of using music as a treating method.

Moreover, not many people know how to get the music therapy services as well as enroll in courses about it, especially psychologists who want to improve themselves and open their horizons to this new psychological field of study.

Music therapy services

In this post, we will introduce some useful facts and must – knows about music therapy and some common asked questions about music therapists and the courses. We hope this information will help you a lot in further researches and studies.

1. How to Get Access to Latest News about Music Therapy?

With the development of the Internet, you can look for anything online, including news and information about music therapy such as achievements, researching results, claims, newest methods, books… You can keep track of your own progress as well as others and even build online sites to express your concern about this major.

One of the most recommended websites for music therapists and people who are keen on music therapy is AMTA’s homepage. This website provides a huge amount of information as well as professional documents for people to get access and contribute as well.

Children with music

This is not only one of the best dictionaries in music therapy and the library for books and research documents but also the forum where leading therapists all over the world can connect with each other and discuss problems and other special treatments. Interestingly, all information is public so as to help people to keep their eyes on the works of their favorite therapists and join some projects if they want to.

If you are a music therapist, this would be one of the most frequent websites that you are going to log in whenever you turn your PC on, so don’t forget to create a free account and remember it carefully.

2. Questions and Answers

  • What is music therapy?

This is a most common question since it gives people the first look at this study field. Basically, music therapy is the use of music based on scientific evidence and research to complete certain goals or support other treatments. Music therapy is used mainly in hospitals and other clinical centers so as to gain the best progression.

  • Music therapists – who are they?

Music therapists are people who graduated and gained a bachelor’s degree or higher in music therapy. They are allowed to use music in treating people’s mental and physical illness and do researches and studies about them.

Musical activities

Through the musical responses, music therapists can assess human’s statuses such as physical health, well – being of human emotion, communication capabilities and sometimes cognitive skills. They use music sessions and other related activities based on the needs of clients which have been carefully assessed so that they can feel better and get themselves out of the problems. The activities are various. They could be listening to music, songwriting including generating lyrics or melodies, learning through music and so on.

  • Who can use music therapy?

Since this is a psychological method that uses music to take effect on mental and physical health, the ages that are suitable for music therapy are various. However, there are some certain types that music therapy has the best impact on including children, adolescents and elderly with mental health problems.

Some treatments need the help of music therapy as a source of motivation and encouragement to have better results such as treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, mental breakdowns, physical disabilities, brain damages and mothers in labor.

  • Where can you get a music therapy?

Music therapists often work and do researches in medical hospitals, outpatient clinics, psychiatric hospitals and other medical centers that need the services.

In some areas, there are many day care treatment centers that provide music therapy service. Since music therapy shows the potential in treating and improving the conditions of people using drugs and alcohol, music therapists can work in those programs as well. Senior centers, hospice programs, schools can also ask for additional music therapy services.

  • How is music therapy used in certain public places and centers?

With healthy people, signing up for a music therapy session can help them to feel relaxed thus reduce stress through active music making such as music creation and musical instrument playing. In some cases, music can be used to improve the physical exercises. Music therapy is also used in pregnancy period to improve the well – being of mother and child.

In hospitals, music therapy is an important part that helps patients to endure the pain better within treatment sessions. The depression is reduced when listening to right kind of music. With music lessons, patients can improve their mental health and feel more relaxing, less nervous.

Music therapists can make use of music in schools as an education plan for children to discover their talents in music such as singing or playing musical instruments. These services are very helpful in some subjects that need concentration and creativity. However, not any child can use music therapy if it’s not used under the control of music therapists. In addition, music therapy in physical training shows its effectiveness as well as strengthens on – musical skills for example communicating and using body language.

In some cases, therapists are allowed to open their own music therapy center if they are able to, but the needed requirements are quite difficult. Therefore, there are not many music therapy centers worldwide. However, you can look for music classes combining with music therapy easily.

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