Music Therapists – Who Are They?

With the development of the society, music has become an essential part of our everyday life. Apart from being an exciting option, music has made its way to the world of science. We have known the music for many years as a way to let our hair down and controlled our mood, but using music as a treatment has not yet been discovered completely. It is called music therapy.

Music Therapy is a clinic method in which music and related activities are used to improve our mental and physical condition. Wounds and health problems are healed better and faster with music. Another thing about music therapy is that it can be considered as a career for professionals. They are called music therapists. They use music and their knowledge about music therapy to be the primary treatment for the purpose of creating favorable conditions for their clients to feel better and recover from mental and physical illness. However, not many people know about this career, they don’t know what music therapists do and how to be a music therapist.

Music therapy

This article will introduce some unknown facts as well as common questions about music therapist – a new job which is being put into consideration and need to be understood clearly.

To begin with this article, there are some questions that you need to answer before hiring a music therapist or sign up for a music therapy session. Of course, they are some simple ones, but you still have to know all of them. They are: What, Who, Where, How and Why. As you can see, they are so easy to ask, but the answers can’t be easy if you don’t know anything yet about music therapy.

What Is Music Therapy?

People use music to entertain and express their ideas, thoughts, and emotions. That’s the reason why music is used as a clinical method to treat some certain types of mental and physical problems. However, music therapy is different from bedtime music or other forms of healing or concentration music since it has to be used for the instruction of professionals and based on research and real – time evidence that is collected from reports and experiments.

In - Home Music Therapy

Music therapy is performed by music therapists who have received the degree in this field of study by completing the courses from AMTA’s colleges and programs.

What Are The Missions Of Music Therapists?

To be honest, the milestones of a music therapy session depend heavily on the situations if the clients hence there would be no such things can be considered standards for a therapist to apply in every case.

A music therapist has to prove his ability to assess clients and patients based on their medical profiles so as to find out the best music therapy and how to make use of it effectively to gain the best results. There are many factors needed to be put into consideration before applying any types of music therapy including mental well – being, physical conditions and other ability to communicate and social functioning. After completing the assessment part, music therapist has to construct a fitting session for the client with a broad range of music – related activities such as music creation (singing, songwriting, melody writing) playing a music game, music, and imagery… all of them have to be proved to have a real impact on the mental situation of the patients.

Who Should Participate In A Music Therapy?

Anyone can join a music therapy session no matter how well they are, how old they are. However, since music therapy is a clinical method used to treat mental illness, it would be better for children at all ages, adolescents who are suffering from mental problems and elderly with mental health breakdowns needing some help. Also, meetings with music therapists are highly recommended for people who are suffering from Alzheimer and other diseases that affect the functions of the brain.

Using music therapy can help people to communicate and express their ideas better so that it would be such a good motivation and encouragement for autisms to improve their communicating competencies.

Where Can You Find A Music Therapist?

Since this therapy is often applied in hospitals, most of the studies and treatments can be found in hospitals and clinical centers. Moreover, with the rising trend, musical therapy is also used in other public centers such as mental health centers, drug programs, nursing houses.

Music therapist

Music therapists can be educators for schools as well if they are hired to contribute to a new study about music with learning capability of children.

Typical Music Therapy Session?

Music therapy is the name for a type of course which suits everyone. As a result, there wouldn’t be any standards for a typical music therapy session. A course is based on the profile of each client, and as you can see, there are no cases that are the same. Each music therapy session is designed especially for an individual so that he or she can feel as relaxed as possible.

If you want to know what a music therapy session is, there are so many video clips and books talking about it. However, don’t misunderstand between using music as a treatment and music for entertainment.

The Salary For A Music Therapist?

Like other types of job, a music therapist is a paid job. A professional music therapist can and is allowed to make money from his knowledge and his career life. According to the analysis of AMTA about annual salary, a professional music therapist works full time can have an average amount of $40.000 per year. In fact, the salary ranges from $20.000 to $200.000.

As can be seen from the surveys, a music therapist is a well – paid job. However, being a professional in this field of study is such a task of a challenge since you have to meet so many requirements not only in music therapy subjects but also in other areas such as psychological, education and music. Moreover, you have to know multiple types of musical instruments. That’s why being a professional music therapist might cost you a lifetime.

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