Music Therapy and Autism

The medical science world has experienced the rise of music therapy in curing and improving the situations of patients with mental illness, especially autism. In recent years, music therapy is considered one of the best treatments for autism. Medical professionals have combined them together to see if they can find out the real truth and how music therapy connect with this type of mental syndrome for further advanced studies. From the beginning of a social era, music is regarded as one of the oldest forms of communication worldwide. You can see many types of music in any culture as well as locations of the world.

With the development of medical researchers, people have found the benefits of music and apply them to treatments for mental and physical disorders. It is called “Music Therapy.” This form of therapy has helped a majority of patients with problems in cognition and psychological situations to get on well and achieved remarkable results.

Music for Autism

With the aid of music therapy and other treatments, more hopes are given to children suffer from autism to be normalized and fit in with the society. This article will give you a brief observation of methods and facts about music therapy for autism and how to guide these children with the power of music.

1. Music Therapists

According to AMTA (American Music Therapy Association), there are several types of music therapist according to the methods they use and particular types of mental disease they are treating. With autism, they are called “Certified Music Therapists.” They focus on studies of music therapy’s effects on children suffering autism and develop music therapy sessions for their autism clients. If you are going to give your child who has autism a music therapy course, the first thing you have to put into consideration is the music therapist. Not all of them can handle this case; it’s vital to work with a therapist who is excellent in music therapy usage with extensive education and other experiences in working with autism.

Professionals with the identification of “MT – BC” or “Music Therapy – Board Certified” specialized in developing sessions and educational settings. They work in clinics and provide other types of music therapy such as in – home music therapy or therapy for autism which is very suitable for private practices and repair mental disorders. The music types are used alternately with other activities so as to build skills for autistic child step by step.

Music is hope for autism

Moreover, music therapy is also used to enhance communication competencies. According to many studies in this field, music therapy can create favorable conditions for autism to lower anxiety levels as well as improve the way these children deal with problems.

2. Advantages Of Music Therapy To Autism

Autism should be combined with music therapy since this is recently one of the most suitable solutions to reduce the symptoms as well as improve the situation of cases. There are many types of common problems happen to an autism including communication difficulties, uncontrolled behaviors which could be very aggressive or negative and other issues of interaction. With the help of music therapy and other factors and elements, autism would be able to express their feelings in a more appropriate way as well as control their emotions. That is the reason why using music therapy as the assistance for an autistic child is a good solution to enhance its communication skills with promising results. Below are some highlights of using music therapy as the main way to cure autism:

  • Participating in music related activities in music therapy sessions can help autism to build long – term friendship with others according to many studies. As a result, children have autism can learn to communicate with strangers as well as behave less aggressively to surrounding factors. Their actions would be more acceptable and less harmful to the society.
  • Music therapy helps autism to aware of its cognitive abilities by providing different types of music activities such as songwriting or playing a musical With the development of cognitive abilities, it would be such a good chance for autisms to develop themselves academically and socially.
  • With the songs include catchy and funny lyrics designed for autism and music therapy sessions, the behaviors of children suffer from autism can be controlled easier since they can self – assess their activities through information from the songs and the lyrics. Children can learn faster and remember longer by learning through these catchy songs. That is one of the primary purposes when applying music therapy for autism.

A Music therapy Session

A music therapy session often last from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the situation of the patient. There are two kinds of music therapy session. The first one is an individual course which helps autism to let go all the fears and feel relaxed as much as he or she can. Also, the purpose is to improve communication and cognitive skills as well as reduce inappropriate behaviors while interacting with equipment and objects. Another one is group treatment. This stage can help patients to feel better and more comfortable with the crowd and improve the ability to work in groups. These courses can enhance other physical conditions such as hand and arm movement by playing instruments or musical games.


In comparison with other types of therapy, music therapy proved to be one of the most suitable and efficient when being estimated as a promising treatment for autism. However, this is not a widely spread treatment yet since there aren’t many locations that can satisfy all the requirements for music sessions.

However, don’t worry since music therapy services enable all the time in many forms. If you have a child has autism, and he or she shows the interest in music, at – home music therapy might be a suitable solution. If your local doesn’t have any music therapist, musical CD or DVD is another replacement, but they must be used under the observation of a professional therapist. By exposing autism to this therapy, you can see actual development in both mental health and communicate skills rapidly.

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