Music Therapy and Services for Each Type of Client

As you may know, using music therapy in clinical treatment has become more and more popular. In fact, a music therapist is also considered as a new primary with a very high level of the profession. However, not many people know about this type of therapy since there are not many associations or companies provide music therapy services yet. In this post, some essential services of music therapy will be introduced in detail so as to give a better understanding of this type of conventional treatment.

Music therapy is the way people use music based on medical results and studies to accomplish individual goals within the therapeutic relationship. People allowed to work and use music therapies called music therapist. They are trained well in this field of study and have to experience at least 1200 hours of practical training to get the bachelor degree or higher and can be worked as a therapist.

Music for the mental heal

Mentioning about music therapists, we should know the role of being a professional in using music interventions to enhance mental and physical conditions of clients. Below are some missions that a music therapist has to do when taking a case:

  • Doing assessments in the functioning ability for each customer by responses to musical and not – musical factors.
  • Develop unique treatment objectives as well as goals for the client.
  • Applying music therapy methods based on the needs of customers. Customizations are required since the cases are different from each other.
  • Music therapy interventions implement for the clients
  • Treatment results and evaluation
  • Outcomes and documents
  • Being a member of therapy team if required.

Being a music therapist does not just mean knowing how to turn on the music. This career needs a broad range of skills and characteristics. For example, a music therapist must know at least 2 to 3 types of a musical instrument as well as the ability of assessment and analyze numbers and detail. Moreover, the music therapy courses must be built carefully and must be put under the careful observation of the therapist to avoid unwanted results as well as enhance the success rate of the sessions.

Music therapy in hospital

As a music therapist, providing music therapy services plays an important part. Below are some essential services that you might not know and might want to hire in the future. Recently there are many companies and associations develop these kinds of service, but not many people know exactly about them and have a good selection when needed.

1. Medical Music Therapy

This is the basic and most common place where you can easily find a music therapist with a guitar singing for patients. Music therapy programs have been one of the essential parts of hospitals across the United States. According to surveys from U.S. News, best hospitals in the last ten years consider music therapy for patients and their families as an undeniable part of fantastic services.

In the uses of music therapy, oncology is one of the most important parts that needs to be concerned carefully. Music therapy is used to encourage patients since the treatment for cancer is quite painful and exhausting. Moreover, using music can help relieve symptoms and support other treatments to achieve more successful goals.

Each session can be set up for individual or group and is open for other people such as families or caregivers to observe and participate. The session often lasts between 30 and 90 minutes according to the client’s situation. There would be no music experience or confidence needed, just enjoy the music. All the equipment and instruments are fully prepared.

2. In – Home Music Therapy

This In – Home music therapy is for people who are unable to get to the hospital or center regularly such as children or adults with mental health needs. These sessions are developed to be performed one to one or in the group. Each one has its purposes as well as medical techniques.

With an individual session, the music therapist focuses on helping and improving mental illness and problems. On the other hand, group music therapy is often used to improve social skills and enhance communicating competence. It helps your children to feel more relaxed, confident and express themselves more to the society. Another session is the adapted lessons. In this music therapy, an individual does not have to learn an instrument alone, the assistance of the music therapist will be quite helpful. This music therapy is designed for children who feel bad about their abilities and too shy to express their potentials.

In - Home Music therapy

In fact, learning a musical instrument is considered one of the best music therapy since it encourages many mental factors in both children and elderly with mental assistance needs. Improvement of coping skills and communication abilities as well as self-confidence enhancement is recorded.

With In – Home music therapy, the sessions will be led by therapists specialized in a musical instrument performing and teaching. Each session will last for more than 60 minutes. The client can choose from two types of schedule: weekly or biweekly based on her or his timetable. The musical instruments and equipment will be prepared carefully before the sessions start and health care specialists will be expected to come as well since in some cases, the patient needs more than just the help from music therapy. No music experiences or prior music confidence is required to ensure the success of the sessions.

Music therapy service is a job opportunity since this is a new type of career in comparison with other psychological professionals. Today, more and more association working in this fields are in need of professional music therapists who are skillful and trustworthy. Though there are many requirements for a music therapist to join a service, this is estimated a very well – paid job because of the unique features and needs of music therapy services. However above all, being a music therapist means a great love for music and people that are what society needs.

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