Music Therapy for Depression at Work

Depression syndrome is a common mental disorder in psychiatry. The syndrome caused by the activity of the brain cause disorders to make erratic changes in thinking and behavior.

In the workplace, at any time, there is about 20% of employees suffer from depression. It can appear in every industry and to every employee and employers, regardless of the position or rank in the corporation. Depression affects productivity, ability of judgment and communication. Depressed employees cannot focus and paid attention properly to tasks, cannot judge and make decisions quickly compared to when they are in healthy state which can lead to occupational accidents and make them more depressed. When individual suffers depression, they will have negative thinking and exaggerate the mistakes they make, it is vicious cycle that can cause serious damage if there is no medical support. About a third of depressed workers may abuse alcohol or sedatives.

Depression at work

In today’s knowledge economy, agencies, corporation especially big companies must rely primarily on the mental capacity of each employee to handle the customer’s requirements. Therefore, mental health care for employees is becoming more and more important, as it can affect the company’s competitiveness in the market place.

Depression Causes Great Economic Losses

A 1993 study in the United States found that the cost of depression was about $43.7 billion a year. Of that, direct costs accounted for only 29%, including hospitalization, outpatient treatment and medication. The remaining is the indirect costs of leaving job, high turn-over rate, reducing productivity and suicide cases.

For individuals with depression disorders, if they are not treated, the quality of their social relationships may be diminished. In the normal population, an average of 19% complain about poor health. But in the depressed patents, this number increased 2.5 times. At the same time, the number of days off sue to decay in depressed patient is five times higher. Depressed patients are less active, usually throughout the day as the consequence of losing sleep. According to the study, about 38% of depressed patients have lost about 30% capacity in long-term daily activities compared to about two weeks before the syndrome started.

In addition, mortality in people with depression is also high and is commonly known as suicide or accidents. In particular, in patient over 55 years old, the mortality rate within the next 15 months was about four times higher than that of the non-depressed group.

Music Helps Relieve Stress

As depression can cause serious damage to individuals as well as society, solution to reduce the depression cases are vital as well as the prevention. The fight against this mental sickness is being considered more than ever. And music therapy is the most suggesting method for depression as patient can apply it anywhere and anytime, speed up the treatment process.

Music healing depression has been proven to be a highly effective method. The melody of music can bring the patient to a calm peaceful state of mind where they can feel everything better. Through music, the human nerve becomes more active. Music also brings people out of the lonely world that they create for themselves, step by step helping the person to improve his mood.

Good working condition

Experts have come to the conclusion that music is a cure for depression. According to experts, people with musical abilities or have learn about music will be able to self-control their emotions. Compared to ordinary people, individuals who are able to play certain instruments, sing or dance can easily spot and correct the negative thinking that can appear in the stressful daily life. For those people, music makes them forget the feeling of loneliness, helping them find joy in life.

If the depressed people do not know how to play instrument, they can choose their favorite music to help improve their mood. Music cures depression through sending fresh melodies, positive lyrics and meaningful messages to the listeners. Choosing the type of music the patient loves, open and let the whole body to feel the beauty of the melody and rhythm will help individual regain the feeling of love in life as well as the excitement for the future. Patient can also listen to music unconsciously, without any rules, sing along with the chorus, express the melody through the body, relieve the stress through every mean they feel like doing and express the sadness and loneliness instead of stacking all of the negative thoughts inside.

Music Dispels Sadness and Loneliness

It should be noted that depressed employees are “afraid” to report or admit their illness because they are worried that it might affect their career. Afraid of being considered as being weak, having no capacity, fear of losing their jobs, having to transfer work or being treat differently can affect the decision of open up to others about the depression. Meanwhile, depression can be treated and the results of treatment are usually very positive if the illness is treated as soon as possible.

Listening to music

Work pressure, financial pressure, workplace pressure and countless other pressures from life sometimes swing people back into the treadmill, causing the mind to be overwhelmed and stressful that people cannot find the way out at all and enjoy the joy in life. Accidently, patients are used to be friend with loneliness and make the depression syndrome worse. In these cases, opening is hard and the patients must be approached by different way and music is a great solution for them. Just a little to mix in the melody of favorite music, the employees will perceive the life in optimistic way.

For depression, choosing a non-verbal tune with soft, clear tones is a smart option to help the employees get rid of the symptoms of depression. Choosing songs is important as sad depressed songs can make the situation even worse. Therefore, the playlists must contain cheerful, meaningful and uplifting melody to bring the patient back in the hopeful life. Companies should invest the best portable music player in order to encourage employees listen more cheerful songs to enhance motivation and working spirit.

Besides music therapy, in order to avoid depression, it is necessary to create a healthy and happy spirit at working environment, ensuring good conditions such as sufficient light, fresh air, low noise and moderate temperature. Work needs diversity and creativity to create opportunities for the improvement and development of the employees. In addition, corporations and agencies should also open various opportunities for promotion and fulfill employees’ desire to work.

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