Sound Therapy – Food For Your Exhausting Soul

Music is the main way people use to entertain and let their hair down after hard working hours, but that is just an easy way to use the sounds, even when you are singing or playing any kinds of musical instrument. When I mention sound therapy, I want to talk about something else apart from music. Sound therapies can reduce stress as well as improve an individual’s mental well – being. Other parts of the body are provoked as well, for example, the blood circulation, brain cells, and other mental parts. As a result, symptoms of depressions are reduced and terminated quickly.

Studies show the real benefits of humming to issues of lung and breath since when you hum, the flow of blood and oxygen are substantially increased which is beneficial for the respiratory system. The risk of suffering from diseases such as nasal and respiratory infections will be reduced significantly. Also, using singing bowls can decrease some heart risks and also calm the nerve down. Last but not least, daily mantras are the best way to start off a day with 100% mental and physical health with a great source of motivation to reach goals.

Sound therapy

In this post, I will show you how to use these three sound therapies on a daily basis so as to protect your health and have healthy and productive working days.

1. Humming And Chanting – The Secret Of Long Life

Humming to yourself is an efficient way to improve your respiratory system if you are having troubles with it. Swedish researchers indicate through a study that humming will help increase the flow of oxygen as well as make your blood circulation healthier. This will prevent risks to your lung and sinus infections.

  • To hum, the first steps you have to do if find a quiet place. Then close your eyes and calm yourself down. Remember to relax your shoulders and keep your neck and spine straight but not too stretched. After that, touch your lips together gently, relax your jaws. Begin to take a deep breath. When exhale, try to create “hmm” sound with your lips closed. Keep humming for the length of your exhale. Repeat these steps up to 15 minutes. Remember not to be distracted by any other surrounding factors. Just keep your mind clear and clean during the humming session.

Humming for life

Chanting is a little bit different from humming. It is widely used by many cultures and regions as a way to uplift the spirit when your mood is down. According to scientific evidence, chanting is an effective way to stabilize the heart rate thus calm the nerve down as well as lower the blood pressure. Chanting also helps produce a positive amount of endorphins thus enhance the metabolism process.

  • Chanting needs to be performed in a quiet place, similar to humming. After choosing an ideal location, start breath in slowly then exhale while singing the sound “OM” or “AUM.” If you use the “AUM,” remember the position where the sounds should be chanted. Repeat for about 15 minutes. Don’t push yourself too hard.

2. Using The Singing Bowl

First of all, buy a singing bowl for your own. It can be made of a crystal of metal regarding your choice. If you do not know where to buy, visit local apothecary, they might have some for sale, or you can purchase online if possible.

The singing bowl works as you run the mallet around the bowl’s edge. The vibrations made by the bowl are the key factor that helps you slows down your breathing and heart rate. Moreover, it can be an effective way to generate positive thinking and feeling thus make a deep sense of well – being and comfortable.

Below are the steps that you should know when using the singing bowl for the first time:

  • Hold the singing bowl in your palm firmly.
  • Grasp the mallet at mid – length. Notice your palm; it must be let loose and place downward and touch wood.
  • Tap the side of the bowl gently.
  • Howl the bowl and repeat the steps but with your fingertips.

Singing bowl therapy

After finishing grasping the singing bowl, move on to the next step to rub it clockwise. You should use your arm movement, not just your wrist to achieve the best result. Don’t go too fast or else you cannot feel the vibrations. Remember to apply even pressure to every single point of the bowl. Moreover, make sure that your singing bowl is positioned vertically. Gently rubbing the mallet is a good way to enhance the comfort feeling as well as improve the blood circulation of your palms.

3. Daily mantras to improve health

This is a way to use sounds combining with body postures to relax and enhance our body’s endurance and flexibilities.

First of all, try to make your mind and get rid of bad thinking that makes you feel depressed. Try to find a quiet place, use the Lotus posture and close your eyes. Take deep breaths and try not to be distracted by any sounds around you.

Then try to think about positive intentions you are trying to achieve when saying the mantra. Whatever your reasons are, remind them in your mind and be clear that you are using a mantra. For example, if you want to reduce stress, you should say with yourself a sentence like “become more relaxing, no worrying.” Alternatively, if you want to be happy, just remind yourself of your childhood memories when you feel relaxed and cheerful. Just remember not to let any bad thoughts appear in your head.

After that, start saying your mantra. You can say it either loud or silently. This can help you to pull yourself out of mental issues with the actual voices and sounds of your own. Coordinate your mantra with your breathing. Of course, you can apply this method with chanting, humming and using music bowl, but it would require lots of training and practicing.

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